Monday, October 7, 2013

Tips for traveling with babies or children

Traveling with infants and children, happy holiday tips :

- A good dose of diapers, soothing music and stops along the way will help you have a smooth ride .

- Avoid going during peak hours and if possible , avoid the busiest days .

- Once in the car, secure your baby well seat and check for excess clothing have . Your own chair and carriage will give enough heat , so you have to be aware of if you sweat excessively or he looks uncomfortable.

- On the road should stop every two hours for the baby also stretch and change positions. This time is used to give the breast or bottle and a diaper change. Keep it dry is critical because many hours sitting can irritate .

- Beware of the sun. Contact the sun must cover their heads , wear t-shirt and sunglasses. Also, if the skin is exposed to direct sunlight should use a sunscreen suitable for your skin and apply generously half hour before sun exposure , application must be renewed periodically , depending on blocker .

- After the sun. Dermatologists recommend take a good shower after sun exposure and then moisturize.

- Burns . Avoid sunburn, these more easily occur between 11 am and 5 pm, when the shadow of the body is small.

Drinking - water at this time and prevent sweating and maintained which can lead to dehydration.

- Usually you have to take care of food , on vacation this maxim should be applied rigorously. Salads , fruits , fiber and dairy should be the main components of the diet .

- The feet are a delicate part of the body, especially on vacation . To avoid possible skin conditions that affect this part of the body , the Academy recommends careful with hygiene in pools , keep feet dry after bathing and walking barefoot .

Hygiene: In order to maintain good health and reduce the risk of cross infection , dermatologists recommend everyone to use their own towel and clothes exchange .

Tropical Countries : When traveling in tropical countries take precautions regarding food and water. It is recommended to drink bottled water and do not use ice cubes have unknown provenance . Regarding the food , care must be taken with salads and fruit, which can be washed with water and also messed with raw or undercooked fish . Depending on the time of year it is essential to use insect repellents.